Public Bathhouse

The baths on the 3rd floor basement have a spacious design.
It's the perfect spot to relax and ease away your travel fatigue.

Entrance fee

*A face towel is lent for free.

Adult Child (2 to 12years old) Place
Same day ticket Weekdays / ¥ 770 Weekends and holidays / ¥ 910 Every day / ¥ 450 3rd basement floor
Coupon ¥ 3,400
(set of 5 tickets/valid 6 months)
  • Shampoo
  • Rinse
  • Body soap
  • Basic skin-care products
  • Hair dryers
  • Bath towel (100 yen)
  • Toothbrush (50 yen)
  • Single-blade razor (50 yen)
  • Double-blade razor (100 yen)
  • Cotton set (50 yen)

Persons with tattoos, inebriated, or related to organized crime groups are not allowed in the bath.
Regardless of age, those who wear diapers on a daily basis will be denied entry.

Bath information

Men's Bath



  • The spacious men's bath is approximately 130 m2, with a large and impressive bathtub located roughly in the center.
    Abundant hot water gushes from the fountain in the middle of the bathtub.

  • The wall is decorated with the silhouettes of Mt. Daimonjiyama and Kyoto Tower, giving a sense of Kyoto scenery even from the basement.

  • This is the changing room for the men's bath. Locking storage lockers and hair dryers are available free-of-charge for your use.

Women's Bath



  • The women's bath is a simply furnished, relaxing space with a monotone color scheme. The washing areas have an appealing design that divides them into individual use areas, allowing you to take your time without worrying about those around you.

  • This is the women's changing area powder room. Basic cosmetics such as toner and lotion are available free-of-charge for your use.

  • This is the changing room for the women's bath. There are plenty of locking storage lockers available free-of-charge, so you can use the facilities with peace of mind even if you bring along a lot of belongings.